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Next Bromsgrove Group Meeting: 8 May 2018

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Beatrice: The Cadbury Heiress by Fiona Joseph


Beatrice Cadbury, daughter of the world-famous chocolate empire, grew up with all the privileges: a fine mansion with servants, a well-rounded education and the chance to travel the world and see all its glories. But being a 'have' in a world of 'have-nots' was troubling, and in 1920 she decided to 'give back' all the Cadbury shares she had inherited to the Bournville factory workers... with unexpected consequences.

Join Beatrice on her astonishing journey from respectable Quaker girl to bold anti-capitalist and peace activist, as she and her Dutch husband, Kees Boeke, relentlessly pursued their vision of a fairer and more equal society.


Tea and coffee will be available.

For our 12th June meeting we have Palaeography by Member Jenny Townshend - Note the date in your diary.



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Beatrice – The Cadbury Heiress


Speaker: Fiona Joseph

Medieval Medicine:Beyond the Stereotypes.KevinGoodman


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Speaker: Jenny Townshend

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