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Using Record Offices & Libraries

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Assemble your known facts – from your memorabilia andexisting certificates, the photographs, the oral history. For your first visit choose a convenientlyclose record office or Family History Centre, if possible, and follow thesebasic rules:

1. Keep it Simple - Don't try to do toomuch or expect too much. Check theirholdings match your needs before you go.

2. Confirm how to get there, car, bus ortrain, usually, and that it is open. Don't forget you may have to book a reader. Offices can close for cataloguing &maintenance, etc.

3. Prepare for the trip and have reservelook ups in case someone else is using the actual film or fiche that youwant. You probably won't want tophotocopy everything you see, but take plenty of change with you just incase. There's usually a charge. Pencils & Paper (not a pen) - how are you going to takejottings and notes? Where are you goingto eat?

4. On arrival - turn your mobile phoneoff! Book in. For original records youwill need proof of identity for your CARN card or similar ID card. Ask for help if your are unsure! We all need help in a new record office.

5. Finally - when you think you have founda relevant piece of information, take some notes. Make a note of everything. So in 5 years time could you go directly tothe same piece of information inside 3 minutes? Also don't just look at that information in isolation. Absorb the information around it. The social conditions, who else is havingchildren at the same time. Cousins cancreate great difficulties. Also rememberthe very high death rate, especially of infants. A child who died may have the name re-used.Some names were very popular and it wasn't unusual to re-marry someone with thesame first name as the first spouse!

Go home and write every thing up - the things you found and the things you didn't. And the things that weren't there to find!

Now the fun bit: spend some time creating your tree!


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