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Remember British Census images and data are Crown Copyright. Other data including images may also be copyright. Some data providers need you to acknowledge copyright in your posting. You may transcribe the information, to pass on to others, as this is your interpretation of the data. Others, however, may not copy this transcription, unless to make a correction or re-interpret the information, as this is your data. For more information please visit the Government website on Copyright & Intellectual Property - http://www.ipo.gov.uk/home.htm

You are responsible for the messages that you post to ensure that they do not breach copyright. If you infringe copyright, your post will be deleted by our moderators, and you could be locked out from using this forum.

Bromsgrove BMSGH cannot be held responsible directly or indirectly for the messages or content posted by others, and by choosing to take moderation action on the breaches of copyright by others Bromsgrove BMSGH and the main society BMSGH are not assuming liability.


If you think that we have breached copyright, please contact us and send us your evidence and we will gladly remove or edit out the offending article or section.


Commercial advertising is, in general, not allowed.   At the discretion of the Moderators relevant sales of, for example, books on families or places, may be allowed.



Where's the Login?

Due to the volume of spoof registrations, the login facility has been suspended. All resources that previously required registration and login are now publicly accessible.

The North Worcestershire Family History Forum has also been suspended.

A new website for Midlands Ancestors' Bromsgrove Branch will be launched later this year. Please bear with us while we migrate to a new site.