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Bromsgrove Lowne of 1723

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Bromsgrove BMSGH is pleased to release a new transcription from the Bromsgrove parish records.

The Bromsgrove Lowne of 1723 is the first entry in 'The Church Wardens Book 1723'. Lownes (or Lewnes) were used to raise money for the parish by taxing property/land owners. The money was paid by the owner or very often by a tenant, the amount of the payment relating to the supposed value of the land and/or property. The parish is split into 'yields', of which there are ten starting with the Town Yield (itself split in two parts). This document will be of interest to both historians and genealogists.

The transcription has been made by David C.B. Nokes from documents held in Worcestershire Archives (reference 850/9135/17/1), with assistance from Jenny Townshend.

Download the Bromsgrove Lownes of 1723 (pdf). You can search the document using the search facility in Adobe Reader (or other pdf reader) to locate a name of interest. However, as the spellings can vary considerably from modern usage, you are recommended to browse the whole file.


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