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Wythall, Worcestershire - A One-Place Genealogical Study

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In 1992 a group of Wythall residents formed the Wythall Local History Society. In the same year at a BMSGH Birmingham meeting I heard a talk in which a couple had been collecting records of people in their parish and had decided to try and reconstruct families from them. I decided that would be my project for the parish of Wythall. I then got the other members involved in transcribing church and census records and whatever records they could find that gave names, date & place information. I then entered each individual and their data into a versatile family history database and gradually the families began to appear.

We concentrated on the period from the start of separate parish registers in 1760 to 1918. This covers the period before the great building explosion in Wythall. The civil parish of Wythall covers a different footprint to the ecclesiastical parish, the former totally in Worcestershire and the latter extending into Shirley and Forshaw Heath in Warwickshire.

The Wythall Local History Society dropped the Local to become the Wythall History Society to reflect the growing membership who where interested in history in general and had not been born or had family connections with Wythall.

A cut down version of the Wythall Index One-Place Genealogical Index was made available on a website and is periodically updated. Further detail of people/families is available on request by email or post.

The Index contains nearly 20,000 individuals and 5000 "marriages".

Technical note

The data was originally input into the DOS family history program "Pedigree" although it is now input into it's windows version "PediTree." A GEDCOM file of all data is produced and this is processed by a separate Pedigree Utility which enables me to remove all the data I do not wish to go into the final GEDCOM.

This GEDCOM is then imported into a new PAF5 database and PAF then produces a website(about 10 meg) ready for uploading using "Terrapin" a FTP(file transfer program) to a website provided free to anyone on Rootsweb.


Where's the Login?

Due to the volume of spoof registrations, the login facility has been suspended. All resources that previously required registration and login are now publicly accessible.

The North Worcestershire Family History Forum has also been suspended.

A new website for Midlands Ancestors' Bromsgrove Branch will be launched later this year. Please bear with us while we migrate to a new site.