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Bromsgrove Messenger BMDs

Following publication of digitised copies of the Bromsgrove Messenger on this site, we are making available transcripts of the Notices appearing in this newspaper over the period 1860-1937.

At present, notices for the following years are available: 1860, 1861, 1870, 1879-81, 1890, 1900, 1918, 1925 and 1937. The dataset currently comprises 6206 records.

Work on this major project is on-going and data for further years will be added as it becomes available. These transcripts have been kindly produced by volunteer Chris El-Amir.

Using the Search Facility

To search these records enter search terms in the 'Filter' box below.

The easiest way is to search by surname (e.g. Smith). As well as indexed entries (i.e. notices for people called 'Smith'), this will also return non-indexed entries where a name occurs in a listing in some other context (for example as a witness or an employer).

You may also search by firstname, by year or by notice type (e.g. marriage), but combinations of filters may not be used.

The notices cover mainly Birth, Marriage and Death announcements, as well as In Memoriam listings. Obituaries and special family announcements are also included.

© Chris El-Amir & Bromsgrove BMSGH, 2013


ALLCOTT James & Alice 27 Mar 1937 In Mem
ALLCOTT Edward Wm 30 Jan 1937 Death
ALLCOTT Alice 5 Dec 1925 In Mem
Allen George 1 Jan 1881 Death
ALLEN 10 May 1879 Death
ALLEN Joseph 11 Jan 1879 Death
ALLEN Mary 13 Dec 1879 Death
ALLEN (Lc Corp) Albert L 19 Oct 1918 In Mem
ALLEN Isaac 2 Jun 1900 In Mem
ALLEN Maria 2 Nov 1918 Death
ALLEN Jane 22 Jun 1918 Death
ALLEN Michael 23 Jan 1937 In Mem
ALLEN 27 Apr 1861 Birth
ALLEN Wm 27 Oct 1860 Death
ALLEN Mary 27 Oct 1860 Death
ALLEN Joseph 28 Sep 1861 Death
Allen Henry 30 Jul 1881 Death
ALLEN William 8 Jan 1870 Death
Allen Fanny 9 Oct 1880 Death
ALLERTON George 23 Jan 1937 In Mem

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