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TOPIC: Aston Fields War Memorial - unknow soldier

Aston Fields War Memorial - unknow soldier 3 years 8 months ago #1050

Hi Ukphil,

I found John Stevens while researching Upton Warren in the Great War. John was not commemorated by CWGC, I found his full service records on Ancestry and got his death certificate then put the case forward, He was accepted within a few weeks. This process can take months, but the evidence was good in this case. This was about 4 years ago. There are several pages of his service record (from 1904, I think). He served in the army in the UK, did his time, then was recalled in November 1914 to the RFA. His occupation was a wheelwright, maybe that is why he was re-enlisted in the RFA. I could not trace his burial, I know his wife lived in Hansworth but the microfilms at Central Library were hard to read.

Are you related to him? I understand CWGC are asking for relatives, perhaps so a personal inscription can be added to the headstone.

I think you are right about the initial T. Errors on war memorials are quite common. There seem to be many names added to Aston Fields, some perhaps post war, but I've not seen the Library folder.

If you want the paperwork I have, I can send you a copy, you would need to email me.


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Aston Fields War Memorial - unknow soldier 3 years 8 months ago #1052

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Aston Fields War Memorial - unknow soldier 3 years 8 months ago #1053

It is great what you did to get him recognized by the CWGC! And then I get him the CWGC to give him a headstone, and amazing that we have contacted.

We traced his burial my accident. I had for some reason not followed him up as I saw he died in 1920 from the infection and I never looked on the CWGC site (I sort of assumed he would not be on it) I was tracing his brother Daniel Stevens who I knew lived in Handsworth, I looked up what parish he was in and went along to the church and Daniel was on the church memorial. Also on Noticed a John Stevens on the church memorial. A contact at the Great War Forum confirmed it was our John Stevens and told me John had been recently recognised by the CWGC addendum panel (your work!) So then as CWGC said he had no known grave me and my mom set out to find his grave. An lo and behold he was in Handsworth cemetery. I sent them the records off and they have agreed to give him a head stone. So we have both played our part.

I am related to him, He is my Nans uncle (so my great great uncle ?) I personally knew his Sister who was my obviously my Great Nan! And My mom remembers Johns wife and the home in Handsworth. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of him. I did think about getting a personal statement on it, an will see if they let me, But what would I write !!

I think my theory is right as it stacks up but proving it is hard. (If it was not for the middle initial) I even tried to get the records from the parish council for when the memorial was built to see if there were any details but know one could find the records. It is worth going to Bromsgrove Library as they have detailed "roll of Honour" of each soldier with picture and all the details. Every one except John T Stevens !!

My email address is , it would be good if you can send me the relevant paper work. I have some but never spotted Italy.

If you interested go onto lives of the first world war and you can see about John and the two brothers Daniel and George, There were two other Brothers. Joseph Stevens who had emigrated to Canada and was conscripted into the Fort Garry Horse is a Canadian Army Reserve armoured regiment based in Winnipeg, Manitoba but the war ended before he was sent to Europe. The other brother I was a civilian all the war.



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Aston Fields War Memorial - unknow soldier 3 years 7 months ago #1054

Hi hutsix

Thanks for the info i have downloaded and will work through,

can you close out a few point i have been wondering about.

Where did you hear that the CWGC were after relatives for the 2 guys you mentioned?
I will get in touch with CWGC, I have a direct contact at the CWGC for John Stevens, If you have any ideas on what to say that would be cool i cant seem to think anything fitting?
You said you were looking at soldiers from upton warren, what got you on to John Stevens, is he on the memorial at upton warren ? What was you trigger to go looking for him?
I want to claim John Stevens on the Aston Fields war memorial, I recon i can build a case for it. Any thoughts ?

This might interest you, there is an artical in the village magazine about his brother George, it mentions John, I was planning when John gets is headstone doing a follow up artical about finding out about John and getting a head stone, it would be great to fit you into that ! also mention the puzzel of J T Stevens on the memorial and mention my theory


I am going to have to look in to the British army in Italy in WW1 it is something i have not done yet

Also , you did so a lot of great work on the GWF, Well done and great stuff on the war memorial recognition !


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Aston Fields War Memorial - unknow soldier 3 years 7 months ago #1055

Hi ukphil,

Am I correct in assuming you had something to do with this?


It may help others to know that sources other than War Memorials exist. The Bromsgrove Messenger is available on this site for FREE, if you are registered.

Carpet Bagger
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Aston Fields War Memorial - unknow soldier 3 years 7 months ago #1063


The CWGC requests for relatives is posted on their website from time to time. Requests don't usually stay on the front page for long, the post is here in the events/news section:


I found John Stevens' service record on Ancestry while looking for records of some of the men on the Upton Warren memorial. John is not on that memorial, I believe the family left the village some time before the war.

I'm sure you are right about John T. Stevens, presumably someone remembered him and put his name forward after 1920 and confused his initials with his brother. It is very common to find errors on war memorials!

Thanks for the link, it would be good to update the article now there is more information on John. If we could read the units he served in (the record is water damaged) it might be possible to find war diaries for his unit, but he is not likely to be mentioned by name (only officers were!) But we would know where he went.
Let me know if you find anything on the service record you don't understand (or can't make out!) and I'll see what I can do.


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