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Update on the Evesham Index

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Have you heard of the Evesham index ? Apparently, it was on the our old website almost from it's inception. The original creator was looking for a new manager as she was downsizing her house. Mike Yegwart managed to extract a list of surnames and Bill Burgoyne put them up on our site.When the site was re-built recently the data was simply transferred to our website, where it can be found under Worcestershire Resourses.



Bromsgrove BMSGH supports FFHS at NEC

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Throughout the 4th to the 7th November the Federation of Family History Societies  (FFHS) ran a stall at the Hobbycrafts exhibition at Birmingham's National Exhibition Centre.  The FFHS is an umbrella organisation for all family history societies, being an educational charity which represents, advices and supports the local family history societies.

Bromsgrove's branch chairman, Mike Yegwart, was there on Friday, the 5th November, with Malvern FHS, intoducing visitors to the benefits of joining a society.  As this was a national exhibition many were from the far flung reaches of our island, necessitating a quick look up for their nearest society.  As usual there were the usual "I'm stuck" query, but there were also quite a few adoption type problems, as well.


A Great Weekend in Beoley!

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Bromsgrove BMSGH attended the Monk or Murderer event at St Leonard's Parish Church, Beoley on 1st and 2nd October, a weekend of events dedicated to family and community history. Branch members answered visitors' queries on how to trace your family tree and what records were available for the area.

Branch Chairman Mike Yegwart also presented an information album to the family of Vance L. Slade, a Beoley soldier killed during World War I. Click the Read More link for more pictures...

Local news coverage of the event in the Redditch Standard and Redditch Advertiser.



Know Your Certificates!

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On a birth certificate did you know that.
The surname of the child has only been entered since 1 April 1969. (which can be any surname the parents choose)
Until 1969 the surname of both mother and father are indexed if they are entered on the certificate (i.e. they are not married). Elizabeth Jones otherwise Smith implies an alias. Before 1875 the mother was allowed to name any man as the father, he was not required to acknowledge paternity. If the father of the child was dead when the birth was registered the word "deceased" should be appear after his name. If a time of birth is given it is an indication of multiple births but if only is born alive no time is given. The maiden name of the mother appears in the index since September quarter 1911.

On a marriage certificate did you know that.
On the remarriage of a widow previous marriage surnames should be included along with the maiden name but only the last married name appears in the index. Witnesses can be minors as long as they appear to be "of credible age". Between 1858 and 1952 a divorced bridegroom should be described as "the divorced husband of ..."his former wife's maiden name. A divorced bride is "the divorced wife
of ...". Since 1952 the condition of the divorcee is "previous marriage dissolved". A divorced woman must remarry under the surname she is then known, which may not be her earlier marriage name or her maiden name. When an adopted child marries the father's name can be the adoptive or natural father.

On a death certificate did you know that.
In the case of a legitimate child under school leaving age the name of the father should be given in the occupation column. From 1 April 1982 the name of the mother is also entered. From 1 April 1969 the maiden name of a married woman is given. From 1874 a doctor's certificate is needed. You may not destroy, deface, injure or falsify the register or a certified copy under various statutes.


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