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This section lists apprenticeship records relating to Bromsgrove based on documents held at the Worcestershire Archives and Archaeology Service (The Hive).  It lists around 1500 appenticeships entered into with employers within the Bromsgrove jurisdiction from 1637 to 1813. Bromsgrove-born apprentices indentured to masters elsewhere are not listed but may be included in the larger Worcestershire Apprenticeship Index held at the Hive (a hardcopy of this index can be downloaded here).

The numbering denotes the apprenticeship papers found in the parish chest of St John's Church, Bromsgrove.  The entries with no numbers are the names from the Churchwardens account book, both of which are now at The Hive.  Where names are in brackets there is a discrepancy between the name from the parish chest and name in the account book.

These transcripts have been kindly produced by volunteer Bob Lampitt with assistance from Jenny Townshend and Emma Townshend.

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Year Apprentice Employer
1674 Fownes, Wm Bradley, Nicholas
1674 Nicholis, Jonathan Davis, Gilbert
1674 Hewes, Joseph Horneblower, Edmund
1674 Brooke, Thos Harbach, Francis
1675 Lewis, Richd Brace, Nicholas (yeoman)
1675 Price, Wm Tandy, Thos
1675 Cain (a foundling) Bennett, George the elder and Urshula his wife
1675 Bradely, Walter Haselock, Richd
1675 Cornell, Thos Lowe, Wm (yeoman)
1675 Blicke, John Higgs. John (gent)
1675 Hill, Thos Fayteing, George (yeoman)
1675 Athersitch, Thos Kimberley, Wm Mr. (clerk)
1675 Crabb, Wm Sheldon, Amphillis (widow)
1675 Biggs, Wm Dobridge, Anthony (yeoman)
1675 Heming, Mary Rose, Henry
1675 Oakley, Thos Hitchenson, Wm
1675 Kent, Elizabeth Astmore, John (weaver)
1675 Harris, Humfrey Harris, Edward (butcher)
1675 Harris, William Walker, John
1675 Kent, Thomas Bradley, Henry and Jane his wife

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